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Ear Care

It is important to clean a puppy's ears at least once a week.

This allows the puppy to get accustomed to the procedure and cleans out the the earwax, which builds up over time.

An infection may be present if the ears appear red or have developed a heavy waxy discharge or odor. Rubbing or scratching or shaking the head may also be early signs that can indicate an ear infection.

If you notice any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian immediately. However, with routine cleaning you can catch a problem early to avoid any further discomfort.

For minor cleaning simply soak a cotton ball or tissue with ear cleaner and gently wipe out the grooves or the ear canal. When a more extensive cleaning is required, the ear flap should be held up and the ear canal should be filled with the cleaner until it begins to overflow. Next, the base of the ear should be gently massaged to assist in bringing debris from further down the canal to the surface. Once the massage is completed use a cotton ball or tissue to wipe out the ear canal, but make sure only to go as far into the canal as you can see. Allowing a pet to shake their head and ears after massaging the canals may also be beneficial in bringing the debris to the outer ear canal. If medications are to be used after the ear cleaning, we recommend waiting a few minutes to allow the canal to dry. Once the medication is applied, the ear canal should again be massaged to distribute the medication evenly.

Watch an ear cleaning demonstration video!